Native Arizona Fishes Toys, Stickers, Counting Fish! Book and T-shirt for Your Donations!

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Plush Desert Pupfish (8 inch toy)

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Plush Razorback Sucker (10 inch toy)


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Marsh Education fish toys

Plastic Fish toys – bonytail (limited quantities), razorback sucker (SOLD OUT), Colorado pikeminnow (limited quantities), desert pupfish (limited quantities), loach minnow (SOLD OUT) & Apache trout. All toys 6 inches length.

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Stickers – bonytail, Colorado pikeminnow, Yaqui catfish, razorback sucker, desert pupfish, flannelmouth sucker, loach minnow, Apache trout, Gila topminnow & humpback chub (stickers range from 1 to 6 inches)

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Counting Fish! Carol Pacey Marsh Education

Counting Fish! by Carol Pacey

Sharing Tails tee
Sharing Tails Tee